NIS America anuncia tres nuevos títulos para PS3

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NIS America anuncia tres nuevos títulos para PS3

Mensaje por Klarth el Sáb Mar 31, 2012 1:05 am

Nippon Ichi Software anunció ayer tres RPGs exclusivos para PS3, que estarán localizados en inglés y saldrán durante este año y principios del que viene. Los títulos son los siguientes:

    Santa Ana, Calif. (March 29, 2012) – NIS America is excited to announce that Legasista will be available exclusively on PlayStation®3 via PlayStation®Network this August. Legasista is a dungeon crawler-style survival action RPG. Extra dungeons that give you better loot are randomly generated and players are able to fully customize their characters, including job classes and equipment. They can also alter their appearance by importing images from their PS3. The game will automatically convert the images into playable characters. Crawl into the dungeon later this summer!

    About Legasista
    In a world where science has become a thing of the past, people have come to fear this ancient form of knowledge as magic spells and curses. Now a young man named Alto sets off for the mysterious Ivy Tower, which houses ancient relics of the lost art of science.

    • Dungeon crawler-style action RPG: Form a team of 3 characters to explore the dungeons
    of the Ivy Tower! Characters can easily switch in and out from the frontline to the backline.
    • Randomly-generated dungeons: Explore different dungeons and cash in on the loot!
    • Personalities: Create your own character, from job class to unique personalities! The
    personality will greatly change the character’s fighting capabilities, so choose well!
    • Customization: Customize your character fully with the character creation feature. Even
    weapons can be customized!

Web oficial:

    Santa Ana, Calif. (March 29, 2012) – NIS America proudly announced their plan to release Mugen Souls in North America and Europe later this year exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Mugen Souls features a free-roaming battle map, turn-based combat, and massive amounts of
    customization and growth to maximize the fun fans can have with the game.

    About Mugen Souls
    There exists a small galaxy in the universe containing seven worlds, shimmering in seven colors... These worlds exist and act independent of one another. This has allowed them to develop and nurture rich, unique cultures. Then one day, a decree was sent out...

    “I'm gonna make everything in each of these worlds bow to me!”
    – The Undisputed Goddess, Chou-Chou

    • Expansive worlds to explore: Travel freely on each world to explore and find treasures and items. Monsters are roaming about, so be cautious or fight them head-on and make them your subservient peons!
    • Free-roaming style battle maps: Use Combo attacks to execute spectacular moves with your allies! Destroy Crystals on the battlefield to activate Hyper mode!
    • Moe Kill: Execute the Moe Kill technique to enslave enemies and turn them into items by exploiting their weaknesses!
    • Customization: Create a full cast of characters! Customizable body parts, facial expressions, and job classes!

    Notice: Due to the sensitive nature of some content, NIS America has decided to edit certain aspects of this title for its North American and European releases

Web oficial:

Santa Ana, Calif. (March 29, 2012) – NIS America is excited to announce the winter release of The Witch and the Hundred Knights exclusively on PS3 in North America and Europe. Adopting high-res, fully 3D environments and characters, as well as a dark fantasy world brought to life by Takehito Harada, The Witch and the Hundred Knights will deliver a brand-new action RPG experience from Nippon Ichi Software! In The Witch and the Hundred Knights, being bad is good! Save the innocent or take part in the ransacking—it’s all up to you! The Witch and the Hundred Knights will hit store shelves in early 2013.

About The Witch and the Hundred Knights
Two powerful witches have been battling one another for over a hundred years. Now, the Swamp Witch has unleashed the legendary Dark Knights, and seeks to destroy the Forest Witch once and for all!

• A hundred knights at your command: A plethora of ways to utilize your 100-man team!
• Multiple weapons: Equip up to 5 weapons to maximize your combo abilities!
• Chain attacks: The higher you build your chain, the greater damage you will unleash!
• More details coming soon!

Web oficial:


La verdad es que salvo el The Witch and the Hundred Knights el resto me parecen un truño. El Legasista parace un juego malo de Super Nintendo, es una pena que diseños de personajes tan buenos se pierdan en un juego tan mediocre. De Mugen Souls mejor no hablar, se nota que va dirigido a la penosa mentalidad japonesa actual.

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